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Corrective Care

At Freedom Family Chiropractic, Drs. Daniel and Allison Edmonds practice specific spinal corrective care, with the main focus on the proper curvatures of the spine. Our spine is designed to protect our nervous system which controls all function of our bodies. Daily stresses whether it’s sitting at desk, or having an extremely active lifestyle, our spine tends to lose these very important curves.

Through posture analysis and x-ray we can measure the exact position of each vertebra.We use cervical traction to help restore the curvature in the neck region, known as “the arc of life”. After delivering a specific spinal adjustment, patients preform neuromuscular re-education exercises that aid in correcting posture and holding the adjustment.

We check and adjust babies the day they are born, as well as patients in their 100’s. No matter whom you are or how old you are, your bodies are able to function and heal more efficiently when there is no interference with the nervous system, so call today to set up a time to get you and your family’s spine checked.


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