Pregnancy/Websters Technique

Pregnancy Care

Many women come to Freedom Family Chiropractic the first time during their pregnancy. When taking care of a mother, we feel it is our responsibility to equip her with the newest research/information/articles on supporting her body as well as her new baby’s. Corrective care can help relieve symptoms of natural body changes like stretching ligaments and joint changes, lower back pain, sciatic pain and swelling in the feet and ankles. Both mother and baby’s body are going through so many changes daily; chiropractic care supports the immune system and its innate ability to combat physical, chemical and emotional stressors during pregnancy.

Dr. Allison and Dr. Dan have additional training in Webster’s Technique which is a specific approach to align the pelvis to ensure the optimal space for positioning of the baby. Research supports the need for proper alignment during pregnancy, providing evidence of decreased complications and shorter labor times. If a baby is not in the Vertex position (head down) it is vital that the mothers pelvic bones be assessed by a Webster trained chiropractor.


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