The truth about Otitis Media

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July 15, 2016
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July 15, 2016

The truth about Otitis Media

Otitis Media, also known as an earache, is the #1 reason why parents take their children to the pediatrician. It is most common in children under the age of two and is described as one of the most inconsolable moments in parenting as little ones are unable to vocalize their pain.  Frequent crying is a common response and unpleasant for all parties involved, so if you are a parent of an infant or toddler, it is important to educate yourself on what to do when you think your child has an ear infection.

What causes an ear infection? 

Otitis Media is caused by fluid building up in the middle ear putting pressure on the tympanic membrane.  This inflammation in the middle ear can range from short term to chronic cases.    Causes of this inflammation can be viral, bacterial, or structural in nature.  When there is dysfunction in the atlanto occipital region (the top bone of your spine) is misaligned, there is an interference in the nerve flow, which prevents the ears from draining properly, creating pressure on the tympanic membrane.  Symptoms can include ear pain, fever, fluid and even temporary loss of hearing.

Are some children at higher risk?

The answer is yes.  A complicated or traumatic birth experience, nursing difficulties or even falls can make your child more susceptible to ear infections. Certain foods like dairy, wheat, soy, corn and peanuts can also put your child at risk by increasing inflammation. So consider good nutrition a top priority.

Things to keep in mind:

If you have been a frustrated parent in this situation you are certainly not alone. The recurrence of these symptoms can change the entire family dynamic.  It is essential that the root cause of the problem be detected before beginning treatments of any kind. It is a common recommendation of the Allopathic model to begin an antibiotic at the onset of middle ear pain, however understanding that the cause could have been viral or structural we know that an antibiotic would be ineffective in these cases.  Therefore if antibiotics have not worked for your child do not be discouraged, you can now just look at the other possible causes.  It is important to remember that a culture must be performed to confirm that it is in fact a bacterial “ear infection”.  If an antibiotic is prescribed without doing a culture, you may be doing your child a disservice by not eliminating the cause and further suppressing their immune system.  If your child has a severe case, tubes may have been the only option given to you to ease your child’s pain.  Keep in mind this too is covering the symptom (the ears not draining properly) and still does not eliminate the cause. The body will often times reject a foreign object which is a complication that is fairly common with tubes being put in the ears. This can be a painful process and put you back at square one.

As your child grows and develops, keeping their spine and nervous system balanced allows for optimal healing and function throughout every stage of their life. Pediatric adjustments offer a non-invasive approach to investigating the cause of the problem, empowering you as a parent to manage your child’s health naturally.  Focusing on a holistic approach can facilitate optimal nervous system function so the body can heal itself, the way it was intended.

Chiropractic care, craniosacral therapy and a probiotic are great foundations for the growth and development of your child.  Before rushing towards conventional medicine, do your research and determine which path is right for you and your family!

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